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  • Have you been told that you need a new valve on your hydraulic elevator?
  • Is there water in your hydraulic system and now the oil must be changed?
  • Does your elevator have leveling issues?
  • Does your oil have a foul smell?

Be Aware

    As the elevator runs up and down, the oil in the tank is pumped in and out, drawing air in and pushing it back out with every trip. Consequently, dust and moisture from the atmosphere are routinely pulled into the tank and don't necessarily get pushed back out; progressively contaminating the oil.

  Roughly 80% of valves returned to the manufacturer for warranty or rebuild purposes, need only to be cleaned to work properly again. Are you about to buy a new valve? 

Filtering and renewing the existing oil will not only clean your entire hydraulic system, valve included, but you may find the valve doesn't  need to be replaced after all.

Our Solution

 Through a proprietary process from Gorman Co, Inc, Elevator Oil Renewal can now remove water, acids, varnish, metals and other solids such as depleted additives and dirt that coat the inside of the elevator tank and pressure vessel. As this process lowers the acid level of the oil, the oil becomes a solvent to the black sludge that coats the hydraulic systems and carries it back to the filter where it is removed.

 Even when the oil is entirely replaced, the new, PH neutral hydraulic oil will dissolve this black sludge and re-contaminate the new oil. Approximately two weeks after replacement, you will have lost two thirds of the new oil life. If the oil has been scorched and must be replaced, the system will still need to be cleaned, prior to adding fresh PH neutral oil.

Elevator Oil Renewal will filter the oil while the elevator is in operation. No down time. This process takes approximately 3 weeks for the average hydraulic system, returning the oil to an acceptable ISO standard of cleanliness, required by most valve manufactures. 

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